Gearing and Posi for 8.2" 'B' Buick Skylark Rear

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Gearing and Posi for 8.2" 'B' Buick Skylark Rear

Post by lcrken »

I have a '69 Buick Skylark GS chassis with what seems to be an 8.2" 'B' rear assembly. The casting mark is 1385724, it has the left hand thread 7/16" ring bolts, 1.875" pinion diameter, and 27 spline yoke. 10 bolt cover, 10 bolt ring gear, and 28 spline bolt-in axles. It came with 2.73 gearing and non-locking differential. I found out the hard way that aftermarket 8.2" ring and pinion and common 8.2" posi do not fit, and then I read that none are available that do fit. I'd like to convert to a locking diff and 3.42 gears. It looks like I need to find some NOS parts for this particular axle, or some good condition used parts. Is any of that available? Can JD Race help?

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Re: Gearing and Posi for 8.2" 'B' Buick Skylark Rear

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We did aid in getting these 3.42 and 3.64 gears produced about 7 years ago.
Things have happened with the manufacture of the years and they have been bought out and it will take some time to get on their feet and running gears.
We just have to wait and see what happens at this point.

Used 3.42 gears will work and we do have the Positractions and rebuild kits on the shelf got the 8.25 (1968 69 70 BUICK ONLY ) rear end
724 and 700 castings (Last three digits of the casting number)
Bolt in axles 28 spline
1.875 Pinion shaft size
Large driver side carrier bearing and standard passanger carrier bearing size.

We at JD Race also can make your 8.2 / 8.25 BUICK 2.73 2.93 3.23 stock geared rear end posi also ...We have the posi unit on the shelf and ready to ship.

Thank You, Jim Mitschke
J D Race
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