caprice 8.5 housing and axles

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caprice 8.5 housing and axles

Postby LSJM1 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:36 am

94 caprice cop car 8.5 10 bolt rear I took the Auburn unit out so it's just the housing and axles also the backing plates for 11" drums
will strap it to a pallet and bring it to a shipping location in Atlanta ga.
make offer
will trade for good axles/bearings that fit a 71 cutlass 8.5 10 bolt rear
will trade the 30 spline auburn unit for a 28 spline posi unit

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Re: caprice 8.5 housing and axles

Postby LSJM1 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:13 pm

yeah that's what I paid for the rear at pull a part at least I got the 3.23 gears out of it I might take the auburn unit send it to you for a rebuild and then put it in my 99 silverado so I can get rid of the gov loc junk
the 71 cutlass rear I paid 80 for that too it had 2.56 gears but what dissapointed me is the axles have some runout it seems that the flanges are true but where the splines start is slightly bent like when your turning it by hand the side gears hit a tight spot the splines on the axles look straight not twisted does this seem odd?
I started thinking if I have to buy axles and posi unit might as well get 30 spline everything the car is going to get some drag strip use with about 600 horse,3300lbs,no trans brake,275 drag radials motor is going to be a turbo 5.3

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10 bolt 8.5 30 spline axles

Postby monzaz » Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:54 am

Yes if the 28 spline stockers are done...and you thinking about new. YOU should definitely upgrade to 30 as they will be the same exact price to make 28 or 30.

If you PM us we can give you the best price we can offer. We can not display this as prices change so often. :)

Auburn 30 spline. Is your Gov lock not working? If it still works it is ther best unit for TRuck application and regular driving when needing grip. IT is not good if your doing burn outs and driving you truck like a car. The truck may end up eating that auburn pretty quick as the weight of the vehicle and the larger diameter tires in turn make the unit work more than in a car.

MAx damage on a rebuild of the posi units are usually 150.00 THAT is a worse case deal. 50.00 will be the cheapest it can be.

Take care and make sure you go over ALL the details completely. We are here to continually help.
J D Race

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