1965 skylark rear question

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1965 skylark rear question

Postby monzaz » Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:47 am

Question from ebay-

'Hi I have a '65 Skylark, originally a 225 ci V6, that I am putting a 425 dual quad in and want to sort the rear axle out to handle the power. Somehow I don't think the original V6 rear axle will cope!! What have you that I could use? Could I use the original axle casing or should I look for a different axle casing. I'm told the 8.5 inch axle will fit the control arms Thanks Nick'


rear end 1965 skylark options

Postby monzaz » Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:55 am

Ok Nick, Yes you can go with a 8.5 skylark cutlas rear. The rear is 1" overall width wider. The spring system will also be different...You will need to use the 68-72 springs.
Your 8.2 diff is not a terrible choice to rebuild either, For the street and some weekend track time it will hold up just fine. Trans brakes and High stall over 3000 rpms will start to take its toll on the diff at the track. On the street things are much more forgiving. The traction is minimal and the tire most certainly will not stick cause the release of strain on the rear.

So if your street bound mostly the 8.2 Original rear will be fine even with the stock axles. Just replace all the bearings . Get a good posi Auburn/eaton and a set of gears if you like a steeper ratio. I have all the components to do the job correct. I can build 10 bolt 8.5 also I have housings in stock to build. For more question please visit JDRACE.COM I can help you there. Jim

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