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Post by texasgilbert » Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:51 am

Hello people. I'm new to the site as I got ahold of a 76 Vega GT Wagon not too long ago. I'm going to put a 350 with a Turbo 350 trans. My question is whether anyone here has ever tried to put a Jegster torque arm on their car? I like the tunnel mount and I need to know if it fits and also want to know the width
between the plates that bolt to the rear carrier. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Gilbert

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Post by monzaz » Sun Nov 23, 2014 4:53 pm

Ok A bit confused??
You already have a great torque arm system on the car stock? 75-80 H-body are all torque arm set-ups.

We do not have any numbers on this set-up , Call Jegs they will be happy to give you all the specs of their product.

MY thoughts - Why drill holes in the floor boards when your car already from the factory has this option already?? Plus the interior will need to be removed to install...WHY?

If you had a 4 link with short arms like the old Vega 71-74 this would be a great up grade and it is why guys stick the 7.5 Monza rears into the older cars also.
LS1tech another good one to google info.

Sorry we are more into the rear ends not so much into the suspension handling area.

We have the 350 TAILSHAFT housings to mount a stock torque arms also. Jim
J D Race

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