Rear end cleaning

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Rear end cleaning

Post by 67drake » Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:05 pm

Just tore down another 8.5 getting it ready to ship out to the sandblasting shop. This thing was NASTY on the inside. In the past I used to spray brake parts cleaner down each axle tube and run a rag through the tube with a broom handle or rod,kind of like cleaning a shotgun barrel,until the rag came out clean. Then follow up with gear oil on a rag down each tube.
Well this one reminded me of when I'd pull a valve cover off of an old 60's era engine that never had it's oil changed! Tons of gunk in the tubes. I finally soaked the tube interiors in mineral spirits,then actually ran my pressure washer wand up each tube. This got most of it out,but I still spent a couple hours after that just getting this thing cleaned up on the inside.
So,my question is-got any "tricks of the trade" for this? There has to be a better/faster way.

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Re: Rear end cleaning

Post by monzaz » Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:46 pm

lol... :)

Well we would all love to just have the parts acid dipped...:)

We have a wire brush on a drill and use that to remove the years of rust and build up in the tubes when needed.

Leaving kerosene sit in the tube or soak rags in kerosene work also and just jamb them in the tube over night to break down the gunk.

You basically have the shotgun thing right on. :) NO MAGIC just hard work most of the time.
J D Race

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