Most cost effective G-body axle, Help!

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Most cost effective G-body axle, Help!

Post by 79elky454ss » Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:57 am

I have been researching my alternatives for a rear for my 79 elCamino. First off this is a street application. I will be running a 454 (1985 truck motor, truck/r.v. cam, summit alum. intake w/Quadrajet spec rebuilt to the engine. shorty ceramic headers) And a 700r4. I dont expect to be making more than 300 h.p. but do expect descent Torque. I would like the diff to stay intact and smoke both tires. I would like to use stock suspension parts.I would like a reasonable crusing r.p.m. at 70 mph. I dont want to spend alot of money. I have been leaning toward a custom 9" housing (reasonably priced until you start buying axles,diff,and brakes) would like a A-body 12 bolt impossible to find and pricey. Thinking about Mustang GT 8.8, lots of modification for this one but great availability. A-body 8.5 best choice, but price/availability sucks! HELP!!!!!

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Re: Most cost effective G-body axle, Help!

Post by monzaz » Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:52 pm

Well glad to see you get hooked up on the site...

Mini spools will ALWAYS be the cheapest route for any build.

We build all 3 8.5 8.8 12 bolt chevy.
ALL will require a bit of upper control arm mods THAT are VERY possible to do with stock components you already have... every other mounting point and brake from your 7.5 will fit stright up with no mods...the rear will be the same width and everything.

T/a aluminum girdle covers offered full drum and or disc brakes offered... true trac detroit lockers etc. BUT that ALL costs money.

We do offer the upper control arm double adjustable arms to take care of the mods with out ANY HEADACHE what so ever for this bolt in rear.

8.8 mini spool rear and 8.5 both are about 929.00 starting price. POsi units and special upgrade high spline count axles will add to the price also.
12 bolt chevy will be MORE expensive than the 8.8 and 8.5 JUST BECAUSE the housing is harder to get and costs more on the market... We literally will have to chop a chevelle 12 bolt housing that we can get 1500.00 for on the you can see where you price will be with the 12 bolt...

All this said... 8.8 and 8.5 WILL MORE THAN do the job at hand and even slicks track duty. WE build Muscle, Drag race and custom rears For over HP cars here, NOT TOY Torque and horses in most guys cars are now always exceeding the 400 hp/foot lbs. mark easy.

It is always best to PM me with a email address and I will send a quote to you ASAP... Do have an idea of whether you want a posi or mini spool etc. You have to
12 bolt J D Race custom housing TA option cover and mega drum brake package.jpg
8.5 3.73 eaton posi superior axle with upper control arms.jpg
8.8 g-body full spool rear 011.jpg
8.8 g-body full spool rear 009.jpg
J D Race

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