Chris asks....How do I remove c-clip axle shafts?

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Chris asks....How do I remove c-clip axle shafts?

Post by monzaz » Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:24 pm

Chris, If you have time you can always call too. Or use the web any questions on that site are great for other people that may want to know the exact same answer.

Cover needs to be removed... Should not be sealed as i ship it that way. Next spin the posi carrier in the housing till you find a little 5/16" head screw head close to the passenger side carrier bearing side. REMOVE this bolt. After the bolt is out the round shaft that goes through the center of the posi unit can be pulled out toward you by pushing from the bottom if you get the shaft out far enough to see the hole the retaining bolt goes in USE that retaining bolt in the hole it will help pull the shaft up and out.

NOW the last step is to push the axles into the center enough to release the c-clip at the end of the axle button. You can use needle nose pliers or a small pen magnet works real good here. Do it to the other side and you will be able to pull both axles out. Be sure to be careful not to nick the seal when removing the axles.

Reverse steps when reinstalling. Please DO call if you have any doubt that you might break something. Better to be safe than sorry :) Jim - J D
J D Race

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