Nice site

Please tell us what you think of the site and if you need help or to report a broken link on the website.

We are always up for suggestions. We want this site to be for you. Please let us know what we can do to make your stay on this website the best it can be!!
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Nice site

Post by carlm »

Site is looking good


Post by monzaz »

Yes were working hard on it. What type of car do you have Carl?
Do you ever Drag race your car? What times have you run? What state are you from? Any cool car hang outs in that area you would like to plug?

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agree this is nice

Post by tlowe »

jim, good job putting this together. my ride is a 65 elcamino. i am different and have a inline 292/ 700r4/3.70 10 bolt rear. i have ran it for fun at a track and recorded a slow 18.0 in the quarter. the engine was running way to lean and just couldn't make the power it normally does. probably could have done a 16.5 . now i have a different motor and believe it is putting out 400 hp and around 500 torque. it should really help the 1/4 times. again nice site let get it going. tom
1965 elcamino. inline six fuel injected/ turboed. fun to drive.


Post by monzaz »

Yes that is quiet different. I sthe new motor that same size? What are they originally out of? I am still an old school carb guy with simple 350 chevys. lol

That will change soon though when my daughters starts to get going . Trying to do the Ls1 conversion in another street Monza I have. Long way off .... just trying to get them into grade schools Take care and have a blast running her at the track. Jim
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