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9 Inch Ford

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:38 pm
by MWireman
I want a 9 inch ford housing and axles for a 1992 S-10 just wanted to get a quote. I have the third member already.
Go with Moser 33 spline axles. Let me know at Thanks.

Re: 9 Inch Ford

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:26 am
by monzaz
Tell you the truth we do not do 9" housing builds... lol. I can quote you out a housing from Moser Engineering and do a better price I am sure. :)

I hope that you have a after market LARGE pinion shaft 9" as the 33 spline axles are larger than the pinion shaft you haver in your stock 9" pig.

MAin reason we do not do 9" Ford... Stock stuff is everywhere and usually INFERIOR for race strength. LOOK how many upgrade the 9" housing has had.... It was NEVER built to do the work of big horsepower. That is why they had to reinvent the 9" wheel...LOL.

Circle track they are fine stock BUT then you run into the pinion support bearings being TOO small and the burn up prematurely hence the Daytona pinion support. They have been band aiding that 9" for years.

The olds Gasser Pontiac/ Olds drop out were the way those were bullet proof STOCK. But parts are just not there anymore. Mickey Thompson use to make NEW center drop outs and other companies did too. Top fuel cars used them for years.

It all evolves so make sure you have a GOOD aftermarket center to go with all the rest of the upgraded housing and axles you spent good money on.

CAll 330 659 7117 for a quote or PM a email and will get you a housing quote ASAP. Jim