1978 monte carlo 8.5 10 bolt

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1978 monte carlo 8.5 10 bolt

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I have read the threads from this and other g-body forums. What I need is parts and instructions for bolting a 73-77 A-body 10 bolt 8.5(which I have purchased) into my 1978 G-body. I see several replies where this topic "was covered in another post" but for the life of me o can't find it. I have a 355 around 440hp and a Th350, do not want to spit the rear axle out the first time I mash the gas. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: 1978 monte carlo 8.5 10 bolt

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It can not be done with us telling you how...
Rear is a bad choice for trying to install into a g-body.
A better choice would be the 64-66 rear it is the narrowest and there are aftermarket control arms to help you with the bolt in project.

73 -77 just does not bolt into a g-body rear. TOO HARD.

ALL rears will be too wide for the g-body stock rim offset...So you will need different rims also.

We build totally custom housings to fit the g-body chassis...BUT we have been so busy we have not build one this year.

We can do Moser Housing 12 bolt build and install our guts to make you a very good strong bolt in 12 bolt Chevy rear with all stock control arms Just PM us.
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