What carrier do I buy

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What carrier do I buy

Post by m_kulsziski » Sun Dec 24, 2006 1:50 pm

I have a 12 bolt chevy rear currently with non posi 273. I want to purchase a posi carrier and gears. 355 or 373. Do I have to take the rear apart to figure out how many splines and what clips and things or is there a way to ID this prior to disassembly

Also what carrier woud be the right one to use Eaton, or one of the others?

Thanks for your help :D


12 bolt chevy rear

Post by monzaz » Thu Dec 28, 2006 1:36 pm

If you do have a 12 bolt chevy rear it will have c-clip axle retention 12 bolts on the rear cover and have the famous chevy ebrow on the rear inspection cover.

If this is all yes. you have 30 spline axles

you say 2.73 gears which will be a 2 series carrier

3.08, 3.42, 3.55, 3.73 and 3.90 aftermarket gears are all 3 series carrier

4.10, 4.56, factory 3.90 gears 4.88 5.13 and beyond are all mounted to a 4 series carrier.

With 12 bolt chevy rear you have a wide variety of positraction unit you can get. If it is mostly a street dwelling car and good cone or clutch type unit will work very well and operate for many years smooth quiet service.

Auburn, Eaton, Dura Grip, toresn, true trac, all good units for the street.

-Auburn uses cone type system for locking/engaging both wheels
-Dura Grip and Eaton are Identical and use clutches to lock/engage the posi
-Torsen and true trac are gear to gear helical gear posi unit. New design and work very well for power and cornering they have a smooth transition from left to right bias on the unit to the rear wheels.

Eaton is the most expensive unit ever since they bought out detroit locker systems they have jacked the prices to the moon. 449.99

Randy's ring and pinion delt with this problem of over priced units and design his own eaton unit IDENTIACAL they never really had a patent on the design so he copied and even improved the unit. I sell alot of them and use them in all my builds . 399.99 for a 3 series unit

Auburn units are 379.99
true trac/ torsen 399.99

Gears 3.55 or 3.73 are 179.99 Hope this info helps. Jim

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