Gear contact pattern

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Gear contact pattern

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Hey Jim
Is it normal for the backlash to vary a couple thousands. Its consistent but is out a couple thousand depending on where its at on the pinion. In one place its as little as .005 and rotate it all the way around to same place and its .007 and opposite side of ring gear is .007 and .009.
I tried to attach some pics of my contact pattern but said file was to big. Any help would be great.
Thanks Scott
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Re: Gear contact pattern

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Could have some debris trapped between the ring gear and the posi ring gear flange- Or some raise area in the flange or ring gear. Run a file across the machine flat sides of the ring gear and the posi ring gear flange to be sure it is true as can be. A few thousands is acceptable but up to .005 could cause noise issue and oscillation in the run.

J D Race
J D Race
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