1967 pontiac catalina

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1967 pontiac catalina

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I want to put a posi unit in the stock rear end of my 1967 pontiac catalina. I would like to have 3.73 to 4.10 gears. can anyone help with parts and prices?
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Re: 1967 pontiac catalina

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No 3.73 or 4.10 we have 3.55 Aftermarket gears and we have GM reconditioned ORIGINAL EATON positraction units.

Bearing and install kits are also available

Custom axles can be reproduced if needed also.

Only way you can get 3.73 4.10 is NOS NEW OLD STOCK from back in the day.

SOMETIMES they do pop up but are pretty expensive.
The 3.55 with smaller 26" tall slick can give you the feel of a Higher ratio...It will make the 3.55 gear act like a 3.60-3.70 ratio

Wish there was more we could do for that rear but things are very limited.
3.55 CATALINA 1965 REAR 004.jpg
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