Rear disc brake conversion

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Rear disc brake conversion

Post by Hoonbash » Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:54 am


I have a 1970 Buick Skylark with a 12 bolt rear-end & am investigating replacing the drums for discs. I see a lot of kits available & would like a recommendation for one with good value & ease of installation.

I have a couple of concerns that need addressing first. The rear has a c-clip eliminator kit & the rims are 15'' x 10'' Buick rally's with 5 5/8 off-set. I'm not sure if the c-clip will be a problem or if the deep off set of the rims is going to cause parking brake issues.


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Re: Rear disc brake conversion

Post by monzaz » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:22 am

Well we sell a REAR disc brake kit that bolts to the BACK SIDE of the axle tube flange SO with the correct length grade 8 bolts you should be able to use the c-clip elim kit.

Parking brakes - AGAIN this should not be an issue with our brakes we provide.

Our brake kit will fit all 15" rims BUT may have issues with 14" rims rubbing on the calipers etc. Yours are 15"x 10 so that should not be a problem.

Install - Instructions are included and you can ALWAYS get on line help right here and phone help too.

ON line help usually is best as pictures can accompany the issues. :)

You get everything shims, bolts and nuts(these will need to be replaced by the correct length elim kit bolts) caliper brackets, CAlipers LOADED, rotors , caliper brake hoses, hose brackets for mounting to the axle tube, clips, parking brake cable.

Cost- 449.00 plus shipping.

This is the kit we use on all our builds - I am sure wilwood and other brake kits work out there...BUT we found this kit to be most cost effect fits stock 15" rims and works very well PLUS you can get parts from any Auto parts store when parts wear out down the road. :) Jim
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