12 bolt pickup truck to car?

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12 bolt pickup truck to car?

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Is it possible to adapt and install a 2 or 3 series 12 bolt pickup truck carrier in a 12 bolt chevy car housing?
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Re: 12 bolt pickup truck to car?

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Yes you can...BUT the TRUCK posi and the CAR posi will have different flange and carrier break dimensions ...Please reference pictures below. See how each one is stepped up or down...indicating a 2 series or 3 series or 4 series.

A truck has 2.56-2.76(1 3/8”) gear for 2 series then 2.73-3.42(1 11/16”) 3 series and 3.73 -4.56(2” ) and up is 4 series.
A car is 2.56 -2.73(1 3/8” ) 2 series, 3.08 -3.73( 1 ¾”) 3 series, 3.90 -4.88(2 1/8”) and up 4 series. Jim

The truck 12 bolt carrier housing is slightly narrower than the car unit also so more shimming will be required for the truck to fit the truck in the car and less carrier shimming if the car unit goes into the truck housing.

My opinion is the headache your going to have getting the series correct with the housing will make this a not fun set-up. I have tried this and I really wasted a lot of time on the set-up. Reason being the carrier can not be to far to the left or the right or you will have c-clip engagement trouble when installing the axles PLUS putting the truck carrier in the car housing gets risky also as there is less support in the bearing saddles for the bearing.

Those are my thoughts. and now you are armed with the info. You will have to decide the path you will take. I am always here if you need more help. Take care and good luck on the diff. Jim
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