69 Grand Prix Posi

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69 Grand Prix Posi

Post by steve69 » Wed Dec 17, 2014 12:29 pm

I took this 10 bolt posi rear as part of a package. It is pitted, and I can't find an axle stamp anywhere. I've looked on the driver's, passenger's, top, front, rear...I was told it was out of a 69 Grand Prix. It has flattened axle tubes, I read somewhere that is correct. Why do they flatten the axle tube? There is a D stamped on the driver's brake drum, nothing else. What I do have is the casting no. 9795082, which I could barely make out. It has four ribs, a 4 pinion posi, and 2.93 gears - 41/14 GM stamp on the ring gear. Both axles turn in the same direction. This could be a medium duty, or a heavy duty with forged axles. I looked for the large N cast on the housing, it is not there, but I see what looks like an engraved N in the same area. Hard to see with the pitting, maybe my eyes playing tricks on me. Did they ever engrave it, or just the large cast N? I read that 2.93 would not be installed in the nodular housing with forged axles, so this is probably the gray iron medium duty 4 pinion. Is there a way to identify the axles as forged or not? There is not a lot of info on these, and a lot of variation in these old 10 bolts. This could be good for someone with a GTO maybe, as I think I read that a lot of them came with a 2 pinion posi. I'd trust your opinion on this. Thanks

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Re: 69 Grand Prix Posi

Post by monzaz » Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:07 pm

Usually Forged axles ended with the sealed bearing axle bearing system. So doubt they are that . NOT really much to worry about that anyway as they were made thicker in the later years anyway.
They will be plenty strong.
2.93 with 4 pinion posi humm. That is unusual. ONLY 1970 GP had the 3.23 and 2.93 4 pinion posi so that could indicate the year for you BD code. usually the mid series posi units are 2 pinion. Got good there. BUT you still need to tear that unit part and see if the cones are bottomed out.

The casting is a Pontiac 9795082 for GTO or Grand Prix

Axle tube crush is some kind of clearance...??? We have seen 1969 firebird tubes with the same bend. Do not have an answer for that... Sorry... I have seen the same tube crush on OLD 9.3 GASSER rears too GRAND PRIX again...??? Very strange?
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