70 Skylark Rear Options

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70 Skylark Rear Options

Post by JMann » Mon Oct 27, 2014 8:46 pm

Hey Jim,

I recently picked up a '70 Skylark for a street/strip project. For now I'll be running a warmed-over Buick 350 and possibly a fairly nasty 455 in the future if/when I get bored with the SBB.

Anyway, I'd like to set this car up with a decent posi rear that would cover both of those engine options and not bust the budget. For the 350 I have, I think a 3:42 ratio would probably work best.

Can you comment on which of these options you think would be the best all things considered?

1) Rebuild/convert my original non-posi '70 BOP 8.2
2) Buy a 71-72 Skylark BOP 8.5 and rebuild/convert that
3) Go with something like the Olds 12-bolt you have on Ebay
4) Other?


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Re: 70 Skylark Rear Options

Post by monzaz » Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:28 pm

Well you really need to figure out what means more to you. Money or keeping the rear alive.

Also you will need to be realistic on what your car will do. Drag race street etc. % of the time of each.

Most all rears rebuilt will handle power on the street. The street can not hold power so the tires break loose and no more pain on the rear end components.

The 10 bolt 8.2 68-70 rear will be expensive to build BUT it will also keep your car original ...Again if this means more to you then that would be a good way to go.
10 bolt 8.5 rear you will need to cut a drive shaft down to length... the pinion shaft will be upgraded and still at 28 spline axles.
12 bolt olds is a good rear but again will have 28 spline axles.
ALL are good rears to use...

So you can see all the rears you have chosen are still 28 spline BUT in a good way they are all BOLT IN AXLES. So they will stay retained if they were to snap on a hard torque burn out or drag race track pull.

How much money is your limit and that may help make your decision also.

Jim Mitschke
J D Race
J D Race

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