Need advice.........

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Need advice.........

Post by denis » Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:22 am

Hello from Germany,

hope you are OK. Jim i need your advice what i have do do.....

What happened:

after the Driveshaft from my 65 Olds broken at 45000rpm ($$$) i notice that oil dripping from the Pinion yoke site,i also notice that i can unscrew the Pinion Nut with my fingers,the Yoke have little damaged (see pic).....think new bolts and Caps and maybe it´s Okay.
I unbolted the housing cover (Overhaul 10 Bolt 7,5" GM /with your Posi+Richm.Gears) and everything looks fine and spins freely.

What do you think have i to do, to bring my rear back to crush sleeve before tightened the pinion Nut , or measure gear pattern again and correct it if need, or only tightened the pinion Nut.

The rear already installed and the car and stand on Jack Stands because i don´t have a hydraulic lift..... or whatever it's called, think you know!!!

Jim the pics to big so i send you a few pics to 454windstream!

Best regards & thanks

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Re: Need advice.........

Post by monzaz » Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:18 pm

Sounds like the pinion nut backed off and cause your trouble. Did you lock tight the nut? If you did then you will need to stake it in place with a steel pointed drift punch and hammer. MAke the nut material where it meets the thread crush into the pinion threads. This way the nut will not spin when the rear heats up and parts(nut) expands and also the torque of the motor will work against that nut and make it come loss with out this procedure of staking the nut. :) Jim
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