New differential rear end complete housing builds

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New differential rear end complete housing builds

Post by monzaz » Sun Dec 07, 2008 2:29 pm

We now have 1978 -1987 G- body custom rears that are made from GM parts
-1973-1977 housing center sections with g-body axle tube mounts mated to this .

It will require upper conversion control arms fully adjustable for mutiple pinion angles.

We also offer 10 bolt 8.5 12 bolt truck and 12 bolt car S-10 custom narrowed differentials for street or drag race use.
- the 12 bolt truck will be a completely bolt in NO mod swap
-10 bolt 8.5 will require the drive shaft to be shortened 1" but all the springs and hardware will bolt up with no other mods.

-stock brakes will work with all the rear diffs. BIG PLUS for saving money!

check for them soon on the site. Pictures of some proto type right here.
12 bolt s-10 2wd 48 backing plate to backing plate.jpg
12 bolt mini spool s-10 rear.jpg

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