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Announcments Please check daily for new posts. Thank you. Also if you are new here please read all of our guidelines. Happy Posting!! This is for admin posting only. Thank you.
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Posting Guidelines

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These are the posting guidelines
Our forums are closely monitored by our team of moderators to bring you fresh discussions on car and car part industry with less noise. Your participation in the forums is welcomed with encouragement! We do ask that you follow these few guidelines to help us maintain a fresh and fun environment.

Our team of moderators
Jdraceco-Allan Mitschke, Webmaster
Mr.Smartboard-Also Allan Mitschke, Webmaster
Monzaz-Jim Mitschke, Owner of JD Race and Restoration

1. Spelling & Grammar usage:
There's a difference between a typo (which we all make) and chat shorthand ("r ne of u lamerz?") People like to read real, spelled out words, with capitalization and punctuation. You don't have to add pointless emphasis!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO NEED TO SHOUT, we can hear you just fine. Please utilize your shift and caps lock key properly. Respect for the English language is important, and that means chat shorthand is not welcome.
2. Use of objectionable words and offensive posts:
JDRace is dedicated to be a family-oriented site. Therefore, we strive to maintain a clean and fresh environment suitable for all ages. Our forums are equipped to replace highly objectionable words with “****.” This doesn’t mean that you can continue to include these words in your posts. Offending posts that insinuates this type of behavior will be removed and the offender may be banned from making any further posts in our forums.
3. Flaming
In our efforts to maintain JDRace as a family-oriented site, the art of flaming is strictly prohibited in the forums. We define flaming as the intent of the topic is to spark a flame war, objectionable retaliation, and the like. Examples of these topics would include; My car is better than your car.., or Car X sucks... etc. Offending posts that spark this type of flaming will be removed, and the offender may be banned from making any further posts in our forum.
4. Unacceptable topics of discussion:
(will be inserted later)
5. Spamming
Spamming is forbidden in the JDRace forums. Spamming is defined by Merriam-Webster as “unsolicited usually commercial E-mail sent to a large number of addresses.” In the forums, spamming can take on another form as the promotion of a personal Website that contradicts the terms of service of JDRace. Please note that including the URL to your site in your signature is acceptable, provided it is not surrounded by promotional language.
6. Editing your post
If you find that once you have submitted your reply or message to the forums and you notice a mistake, or left something out, you can click on “edit” above your post to correct the error. Making another post with the correction leaves that topic thread disorganized.
7. Noise
A noisy person talks so they can hear themselves be heard. They don’t really impress others at all. We discourage noise makers in the JDRace forums.
8. Quoted replies
Please note that the "reply" link on every individual post is intended to setup a quote of that post in the reply window. Please use this only if you wish to respond to a much earlier post in the thread. Even then, be sure to trim the parts of the post that do not refer to your response. Put your response after the quote tags, so it doesn't blend with the part you're responding to. If you're just making an additional post to the thread, simply enter it in the window at the end of the thread.
9. Signatures
The signature is a way to reveal a little about your personality and who you are. Please keep the signatures to three lines or less. As mentioned above, it's OK to put your site's URL there provided it is not used with promotional language.
10. Topic titles
Please think about the title you use when you start a new topic. Please use short but descriptive topics. Give people a reason to read them.

Please view this short flash film about posting on general forums

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