Help Sourcing parts

If you want certian parts this may be the place to find them. Just ask someone may have just want you want.
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Help Sourcing parts

Post by Trans Amillac » Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:31 pm

So I goofed and ordered the wrong set of gears from JIm. Straight up not his fault, all mine. So here is the back story, I was sure the picture on my phone was the small gear because the small gears are on top and bottom. Well I angled my phone and told Jim the small ones, remembering they were on top.
Is there any list of cars/trucks chevy early style that would have a pinion gear for an 8.5 Posi. I am heading out to the bone yard in the morning. I already know that there are no trans Am or Z28.
I need just 1

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Re: Help Sourcing parts

Post by monzaz » Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:06 pm

So you really need side gears? And they need to be Positraction side gears that the axle shafts are splined into?
Those are the hard ones to find for sure.
1973-1977 A body GM 2 or 3 series will work. Monte carlo, el camino, Laguna, S3, Malibu Classic,
1984-1987 Grand National, 442
B-Body GM full size cars 1971 - 1987 Sedans Impala, Caprice 78 - 87 Wagons, buick Olds Pontiac Chevy ALL with 8.5 rears can have Posi rear with the 's' spring
If you look in the glove box or trunk lid etc door jamb... RPO code G80 code is the limited slip code.

J D Race

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